Sheriff’s Dept website: CCW license is a “privilege”… “Not guaranteed to all persons”

Jul 1, 2022 | 0 comments

“Constitutional” right, ~ sure, but it’s weak to base the support of something, ON that same thing. It doesn’t matter if you pull it off, it’s still a bar-trick.

Our “Rights” are unalienable and from our Creator (who is not, and will never be, any of the ‘human’ ‘people’ in our earthly “government”). That statement is ONLY found in The Declaration of Independence (which cannot be amended or repealed). The “Constitution” is essentially our 3rd try at one [1) Articles of Confederation; 2) The Constitution; 3) The Constitution with its Bill of Rights Amendments]. And The Constitution can be readily (if not easily) amended under its own Article V. If we ever have to amend or write a new one, we will again, only employ authors who attempt to get the most of what we want of/by/for/and from each other under THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, or we will have-the-F-at shortly thereafter. It should be remembered too that, the adoption ratification of The Constitution is the nation’s ratification and acceptance of The Declaration of Independence. you can de-ratify your state’s acceptance of the Constitution, and do whatever tf you want, but you should stand-by, at that point, because your days will be thereafter fully occupied by me hunting you and yours.

The Declaration of Independence states 2x in its flesh-language of Paragraph 2 that you should chuck your government “whenever” you deem necessary, and one of those times it states that it is your “duty” to. It should not be allowed to be questioned, therefore, what our Founders intended with the 2nd Amendment, as you cannot replace your gov’t at-will, if you first have to ask that government for the means, or the permission to obtain the means, to do so. Therefore, by absolutely clear and deductive logic, the 2nd Amendment demands PARITY of arms (not just “guns”) with our government (which is merely comprised of our idyet aywhole neighbors who needed a job; none of which can ever rise, in their elected capacities, to the role of “Founding Fathers” themselves). And it is not our fault what that parity might entail.