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NEWINGTON, N.H., (May 15, 2024) – SIG SAUER, a distinguished leader in firearm innovation, proudly unveiled the SIG CONNECT App at the NRA Annual Meeting (NRAAM). Showcased at the SIG SAUER NRAAM Booth, SIG CONNECT offers a complete interactive shooting experience, providing users with a video library of drills and training, and exclusive SIG Films content, all accessible from a mobile device.

“The official launch and showcase of the SIG CONNECT app at the NRA Annual Meeting is the culmination of the development and integration of cutting-edge technology into the everyday shooting experience combined with a new platform to showcase app-only content from SIG Films,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President Commercial Sales. “SIG is uniquely positioned to offer the most diverse and immersive content through instruction from SIG SAUER Academy instructors, tips and drills from the professional Team SIG shooters, docu-series content and so much more. Download the app today.”

Key Features of SIG CONNECT

Optical Hit Detection (OHD) Technology: Premium subscribers will have access to Optical Hit Detection (OHD) technology, allowing hits to be tracked using a smartphone camera and a downloadable paper target. This feature provides intuitive charts and analytics, enabling shooters to track their improvement over time.

T300 Smart Target System: The SIG CONNECT T300 Smart Target system, featured at the NRAAM booth, offers an interactive experience that tracks hits in real-time, enhancing shooting drills and games with instant feedback and analytics.

Comprehensive Content Library: SIG CONNECT includes over 100 exclusive videos, featuring training and instruction from SIG SAUER Academy instructors, as well as expert tips from Team SIG shooters. Users can also access exclusive content from SIG Films and docu-series.

Getting Started with SIG CONNECT

To get started with SIG CONNECT, users can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play . The app includes free content, with premium subscriptions available for those who want access to the full range of features, including OHD technology and in-depth analytics.

Elevate Your Training

Whether you are new to firearms or a seasoned shooter, SIG CONNECT offers a platform that caters to all levels of experience. From playing games and running drills to improving skills with professional insights, SIG CONNECT makes training fun and effective.

With SIG CONNECT, shooters can elevate their skills and stay connected with the latest innovations in the industry. Download the SIG CONNECT App today and take your training to the next level.

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