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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – In a bizarre twist on attempted robbery, a man is accused of trying to hold up a convenience store next to Elvis Presley’s famed Graceland, using a rather unusual accomplice—a five-foot snake.

26-year-old Reginald Cook now faces two counts of attempted aggravated robbery following his audacious attempt early Tuesday morning at the Shell on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

According to police reports, Cook’s initial foray into the store occurred around 2 a.m., where he implied possession of a weapon but hastily retreated without executing his plan. He returned shortly thereafter, this time demanding cash from the register while ominously fiddling inside his clothing, hinting again at a concealed weapon. The employee, undeterred, refused to comply, prompting Cook to leave empty-handed once more.

Undeterred, Cook escalated his approach in a third and final attempt at 3:05 a.m., this time entering the store with a five-foot snake draped around his neck. Amidst shouts and demands for money, he reached inside his backpack, suggesting yet again that he was armed. This time, however, the store employee responded by drawing a firearm in self-defense, leading to a standoff that ended with Cook’s arrest as police arrived minutes later.

Miraculously, no money was taken and no individuals, including the snake, were harmed during the ordeal. The origins of the slithery accomplice remain as mysterious as its fate following the foiled robbery.

This incident not only marks a new chapter in the annals of bizarre robbery attempts but also underscores the unpredictable nature of crime near historical landmarks. As for the store employee, his brave response ensured that this snake-themed heist did not strike its intended mark.

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