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Jun 6, 2023 | 0 comments

Help support The Gun Feed…

Yes, there are ads on this website. Revenues are earned through the accumulated page views and clicks that are associated with those ads… however, regular readers have now on several occasions inquired about how they can make a financial donation to help support The Gun Feed so I thought I would address that here…

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The simplest and easiest way to make a financial contribution to the site is through PayPal. Since The Gun Feed does not technically have a non-profit status we technically can not place a traditional PayPal “donate” widget on the site. However, if you would like to use PayPal to support the site you can simply send a monetary donation of any amount to the email address TheGunFeed @ GMail DotCom.

At no cost to you

You can also help support this site by using our affiliate links for your next online purchase. Every time you click our affiliate link for a particular website before making a purchase this site will get a small commission. If you bookmark these links and use them for all your purchases, it will be an enormous help in supporting the site. Anything you buy helps us. It does not have to be firearm related. Kindle books, diapers, televisions, video games, DVDs, flux capacitors, etc. One technical detail: you have to click the link on this site before putting the item in your shopping cart in your store of choice.

The links will also be available on this ‘Support Page‘ if you want to just bookmark that…

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Thank you for all of your help and support of the site. All the money collected from Patreon/affiliates/donations/ads will be rolled back into the site and will help to keep it up and running.