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Rock musician and avid hunter Ted Nugent is calling upon Louisiana residents to support the push for Constitutional Carry in the state. In a recent mobilization effort, Nugent, in collaboration with Hunter Nation , reached out via text message and video, urging supporters to back Senate Bill 01 and House Bill 12 .

Ted Nugent here with Hunter Nation!

A special legislative session starts today and Governor Landry and Senator Blake Miguez need your help to make LA a Constitutional Carry state!

Contact Senator Bob Hensgens and Rep. Chance Henry and tell them to SUPPORT Senate Bill 01 and House Bill 12!

Senator Bob Hensgens

📞Call: (337) 740-6425


Rep. Chance Henry

📞Call: (337) 384-8999



The special legislative session, spotlighted by Nugent, is a pivotal moment for gun rights advocates in Louisiana. Governor Landry and Senator Blake Miguez have been highlighted as key figures needing public support to transition Louisiana into a Constitutional Carry state.

Constitutional Carry, which allows law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm without the need for a permit, has been a hot topic across the United States. Advocates argue it strengthens the Second Amendment rights and simplifies the process for individuals to defend themselves.

Nugent’s message emphasized direct action, encouraging supporters to reach out to Senator Bob Hensgens and Representative Chance Henry to express their support for the bills. Providing contact details for both legislators, Nugent’s campaign underscores the urgency and importance of grassroots mobilization in legislative success.

Senate Bill 01 and House Bill 12 represent critical steps toward securing Constitutional Carry in Louisiana. While specific details of the bills were not discussed in Nugent’s message, the emphasis was clear: these pieces of legislation are crucial for the advancement of gun rights in the state.

Nugent’s involvement brings significant attention to the cause, leveraging his platform and community within Hunter Nation to galvanize support. As a figure well-respected in both the music and hunting communities, his call to action resonates with a broad audience passionate about gun rights and conservation.

The effort to make Louisiana a Constitutional Carry state is part of a broader national movement toward simplifying gun carry laws for law-abiding citizens. As the legislative session unfolds, the support mobilized by Nugent and like-minded advocates will play a vital role in the outcome of Senate Bill 01 and House Bill 12.

For those interested in supporting the cause, contacting Senator Hensgens and Representative Henry as urged by Nugent is a direct way to make their voices heard. As the debate continues, the involvement of engaged citizens will be paramount in shaping Louisiana’s gun laws and upholding Constitutional rights.

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