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For anyone paying attention and not living in willful denial, the open southern border to the Continental United States poses an enormous threat to security and economic stability. The staggering numbers of illegal border crossings in the past several years are scary, and we will reap the consequences. One such consequence is, and will continue to be, an increase in certain criminal enterprises.  Further, we may see terror attacks conducted by operatives who have been allowed to  literally   just  walk in.  Those who dismiss such concerns will continue to do so, even after the obvious comes to pass. However, for those interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones, the border crisis remains of foremost concern.

Pertaining to  the criminal threat, make no mistake: we already have plenty of bad actors domestically, so the criminal element  that is  flooding over the border  is adding  gasoline to the fire.   The  truth is, the  vast majority of these people are likely fleeing desperate situations and may, indeed, be searching for a better life.  The threat remains in the small but present percentage  that is  of nefarious intent. Even if the percentage of bad actors is  incredibly small , the sheer magnitude of the influx points to the undeniable reality that many criminal actors have infiltrated. How does, and how should, this impact the decisions of the armed citizen?

Drug Trafficking and the Border Crisis: Understanding the Scale of the Issue

The vast majority of certain illicit narcotics, particularly fentanyl, are smuggled over the southern border. The fentanyl epidemic alone is responsible for tens of thousands of deadly overdoses a year, so those who would claim that the open border is not a problem have  obviously  not had anyone in their own life who has died of a fentanyl overdose. With illegal drugs comes criminal activity, and the cartels that control this drug trade are  freer  than ever to do their business amidst a federal government that does nothing to stop it. Cartels are now setting up shop north of the border, and this vast criminal enterprise is unimpeded in its nefarious business due to our weak, if not  entirely  absent, border security.

Escalation of Gang-Related Violence: A New Wave of Threats from Central America

In the past several years, there has emerged a sharp uptick in gang activity among gangs that hail from Central American nations. There have been such gangs in the United States for decades now. Perhaps the best known of these is MS13, a particularly violent and brutal gang that has a strong foothold in certain cities. There is now an emergence of rival gangs that are as bad or worse, setting up strongholds in urban locations, fueled by  manpower  by illegal border crossers. Such gang violence is having an impact on many neighborhoods, and this violence will continue to escalate as unvetted criminal entities are allowed to walk freely into a sovereign nation that is not their own.

Amplified Terrorism Risks : The Implications of an Open Border Policy

The threat of terrorism on a mass scale is astronomically  greater  now than it was previous to this current administration’s open border policy, a reality that even the FBI has recently admitted to and warned about. The threat of lone-wolf terrorism is ever-present, but the open border has fostered the ability of nefarious international adversaries of our nation to place even more operatives within our country. This threat is real, with those in the know well aware of it for a prolonged period, but the fact that even three-letter agencies are warning about it should give even the willfully naive pause. The difference that this expanded terrorist threat poses as compared to the lone wolf attacks that we have seen over the years is that it is likely to consist of coordinated, multiple attackers who employ a variety of attack methods.

Considerations for the Armed Citizen

How should this new reality concern you? What changes, if any, should you make to your defensive plan? The fact is that the world is different now than four years ago. The threat is  different  for a multitude of reasons, foremost among them the enormous influx of illegal immigration. Pretending that it is not so does not make the issue go away.

Consider your  own  training; have you  taken into account  the different nature of the threat? The increase in gang activity should lead a prudent individual to prepare for the much-increased possibility of multiple armed attackers. There is an absolute increase in the prevalence of  multiple  attacker assaults committed nationwide, and the traditional square range training focused on a single, stationary target does not fully translate to the actual need for modern personal protection.

With the increased terrorist threat comes the greater likelihood of facing multiple attackers who are armed with long guns, perhaps wearing body armor, and committed to their cause. Do you carry enough  gun  for the job, and, more importantly, are you up to the shooting task? While facing an adversary with a rifle is not a pleasant thought, many rifle-armed killers have  been stopped  by concealed carriers with only their carry pistols. Of note, though, is that many incidents have required shots at longer-than-usual distances. Can you make accurate shots at extended ranges?

Are you carrying the necessary tools for dealing with multiple assailants or active killers? Small pistols, pocket guns, etc…, all serve a purpose and fill a niche, but the changing nature of the threat points more and more to  the carry of  capable guns. Double-stack auto-loading pistols are the obvious choice here, as these platforms’ ammunition capacity and shootability are considerably more than small pocket pistols. Beyond just the gun, are you carrying the other tools needed in crisis, such as trauma medical gear? Now is the time to seek out such training and equipment.

We are facing dark times as a nation, and  the armed   citizen  should strive to be ready should they find themselves at ground zero of the next event.

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