The Gun Feed Poll: Gun owners are done with Benchmade

How do you feel about the reports of Benchmade helping the police destroy guns and that they gave money to anti-gun politicians?

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Richard D Cutie

Unfortunately I have spent close to 2000$ on Benchmade Knives over the last couple of decades for my friends, family and myself. I really was proud to own them and they make a fine knife. They aren’t the only ones who make an overpriced knife out there though. Only wish I had found out before just recently. My wife was showing off the OTF knife I bought for her and one of the guys told us all about them and thier anti gun bullshit. I listened to the Guntalk radio interview and that guys “apology” (not) and that was it Im done with them. It’s Spyderco, Microtech, Protech and the like and Benchmade can kick rocks and sell knives to the Antifa up there where they live.
Best Regards & God Bless


The glorification and imagery of law enforcement destroying firearms is not a visual most gun owners and supporters of the 2nd amendment want to imagine. In a time where there is a constant battle to preserve our rights the last thing we need is a knife company we thought had our back but was actually betraying us….


You vote only counts if you are/were a BM customer. Everything else is just noise.


Oops, “your”


you chose the wrong side, bitch-made

Speed Bump

Good knife, suck company!

I’m more concerned about their monitary donations to terrorist orginizaitions than anything .

Seems they’d be more in touch with their customer base….?


Their base is millennials who are anti gun forged in fire watchers


It’s the donation to an anti-2A Dem in NM — not OR — that disturbs me. Just like the internet exerts power against political speech they don’t like by deplatforming, bank ban, demonetizing and account ban, the only way I can disagree successfully with anyone is to deny them my money and my attention. In today’s political climate, where the push to demonize the 2A is well-funded, I have to direct my money to those organizations and businesses that are fighting in every way possible to protect and expand 2A.

I simply don’t understand why Benchmade would donate to anti-2A Dem in NM. I can’t think of an explanation that would make me reconsider.

Gary Meissner

I have bought their products in the past, but not in the last 7 years or so. Kershaw is my go to these days.


They have a long history of being against 2A.


Once a sell-out, always a sell-out. You can’t change stupid.

Darrell Kingsley

But many of the guns that were destroyed were from “gun buyback” programs funded by taxpayer’s money. Benchamde was also donating to politicians in Colo. and New Mexico – not just in Oregon. None of the guns destroyed were mandated by law to be destroyed – in Oregon it is left to the Police Chief’s discretion or “policy” This Chief has been doing this for years and he always makes sure the media is present to film it.


All guns collected by police need to be destoyed, especially if they were used in criminal activity.. who would want a gun that is ballistically registered to all federal and state law enforcement agencies.. no different than ballistic fingerprinting.. try to find your gun through Private Sales..


So the guns that Bonnie and Clyde and Dillinger and other infamous criminals used should have been destroyed because they were used in a crime? Or is it only guns a nobody criminal used should be destroyed? The gun did not commit the crime, the person did.


You can by a ballistically fingerprinted and registered firearms if you choose to.. that is what you get from guns auctioned from law enforcement evidence Lockers… I can’t understand why anyone would want to buy a firearm used in a criminal offense or directly from a police agency.. you will probably be the first door they knock on if they ever outlaw guns…

MN Steel

It’s almost as if you can’t change out a barrel, extractor, ejector and firing pin to change out a “ballistically fingerprinted” firearm!

Wait, would any of those mess up the NCIS/CSI/any-FBI-show-ever-made fairytale of tracing anything back?

Or would a stainless steel bore brush be cheaper?

1 With a Bullet

Stolen guns are most often used in crimes. You would deny the owners having their property returned? If family heirlooms (great grandpa’s revolver or the first shotgun your father gave you when you turned 16 is recovered after being stolen and found in some thug’s trunk, you think the object is somehow tainted and should be destroyed? I disagree.


Never heard of them. All I have are 2 Winchester Bowie knives and 1 Timber Rattler my Brother gave me for Christmas one year and a bunch of Bass Pro freebies and several pocket folding knives, brands unknown.


Although most of the leadership of Benchmade donate to the dims (apparently), supporting the local PD by destroying guns taken in evidence, used in crimes, and never to be resold (per PD policy, recovered stolen guns are returned also per policy), and performing this function (repeated all over the country)in compliance the departments policy, is nothing more than supporting that local department. When Benchmade produces an pricy “repeal the second amendment” automatic, or a “reasonable restrictions” butterfly, then it might be time to become exorcised.


MN Steel

Are stolen firearms returned to every rightful owner?

Is it just the easy in-town thefts, or every one?

Including firearms where the thief commits a crime while in possession of the stolen firearm, and the firearm is “evidence”?

Show your work.


Are stolen firearms returned to every rightful owner?
–The initial article said the department attempted to do just that

Is it just the easy in-town thefts, or every one?
–That was not elaborated, but since there is not supposed to be a national registry, it might be difficult to accomplish that for a single, local PD

Including firearms where the thief commits a crime while in possession of the stolen firearm, and the firearm is “evidence”?
–Was not described, but it would depend on local, department policy

Show your work.

After some time in contact with different PD and some policy, the process would be…
1. Acquire a copy of the pertinent departmental policy
2. Compare that policy to the above questions
3. Results are left as an exercise…

It is understood that Benchmade management donates to and supports many anti-Second Amendment politicians. It is also understood they have supported these in other jurisdictions. That doesn’t change the fact that plasma cutters are more efficient than hacksaws and that any shop that has them could have performed this function within the department’s guidelines.

If a better knife is the goal, check out any of the other companies that manufacture them. Better yet, try an LT Wright, Blind Horse Knives, Southern Grind (one of Zac Brown’s companies that supports the Southern Ground charity), Chris Wilmont, etc.

It’s just a knife company (albeit a well built if pricey product).


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