The Gun Feed Poll: Gun owners are done with Benchmade

Apr 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Are stolen firearms returned to every rightful owner?
–The initial article said the department attempted to do just that

Is it just the easy in-town thefts, or every one?
–That was not elaborated, but since there is not supposed to be a national registry, it might be difficult to accomplish that for a single, local PD

Including firearms where the thief commits a crime while in possession of the stolen firearm, and the firearm is “evidence”?
–Was not described, but it would depend on local, department policy

Show your work.

After some time in contact with different PD and some policy, the process would be… 1. Acquire a copy of the pertinent departmental policy 2. Compare that policy to the above questions

3. Results are left as an exercise…

It is understood that Benchmade management donates to and supports many anti-Second Amendment politicians. It is also understood they have supported these in other jurisdictions. That doesn’t change the fact that plasma cutters are more efficient than hacksaws and that any shop that has them could have performed this function within the department’s guidelines.

If a better knife is the goal, check out any of the other companies that manufacture them. Better yet, try an LT Wright, Blind Horse Knives, Southern Grind (one of Zac Brown’s companies that supports the Southern Ground charity), Chris Wilmont, etc.

It’s just a knife company (albeit a well built if pricey product).

.02 YMMV