The Gun Feed Poll: How should Trump be greeted at the NRA convention?

Feb 17, 2020 | 0 comments

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11 responses to The Gun Feed Poll: How should Trump be greeted at the NRA convention?

  1. He’s maybe stemmed the tide of further gun control with some of the latest shootings, but before then he really didn’t do much for us. Wasn’t national reciprocity supposed to be a “day 1” event? Obviously things don’t happen that quickly and it’s now politically harder than ever before, but I feel that he really hasn’t done anything proactive for us gun owners. Where’s the HPA? Where’s national reciprocity?

    Besides carrying in parks which ironically happened early in Obama’s term, gun owners haven’t had much of a win that wasn’t local (Chicago or DC) since the sunsetting of the assault weapons ban in 2004. And even then, that win was sorta by default. I very much doubt it would have gone away if it didn’t have a ten year limit to it.


  2. He should be taught. Give him a copy of “HOPE” by L.Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman. Except for the history professor ting, he is closer to what we need than we’ve had in a VERY long time.


  3. He needs to be questioned on where we are on the SHARE act, Concealed Carry Reciprocity, and the blatantly unconstitutional bump-stock ban. He needs to answer these questions before he is allowed to say ANYTHING. Oh, and remind him that if gun owners stay home in November, he’s screwed.


  4. Send a message direct to the President.
    Although I’m 100% certain they are all screened and he may never see any of them personally.


  5. NRA also asked ATF to Redefine word as needed to advance disarmament agenda.

    Not one more DIME.


  6. If they redefine what makes a machine gun then all semi-automatic rifles magically become machine guns because the AR and AK can be bumpfired with just your trigger finger. I’m sure other models can be bumpfired the same way, but I have not seen any videos yet. How to bumpfire without bumpfire stock – YouTube


    • Replying to my own post. I have all the parts on hand or on order to build a 300BLK pistol and I will see if I can bumpfire it once it is built. Polymer80 G-150 lower and Polymer80LPK, complete BCG from the AR I converted to .22LR with the CMMG Kit, A2 Flash hider or thread protector and finally a .30 Caliber suppressor.(on hand). 10.5″ heavy Stainless Steel 1:8 barrel, pistol length gas system, low profile .750 gas block and pistol length gas tube,pistol buffer tube kit. Anderson Manufacturing stripped upper and FA/Dust kit. On order from Classic Firearms. Total cost with shipping – $343. OOPS!

      Forgot to order a charging handle. Oh, well, will just borrow one from my other AR15s.


  7. He need reverse current stance,speak against NFA and and push national reciprocity.


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