The Gun Feed Poll: Should Wayne LaPierre be forced to resign / be removed from NRA?

May 11, 2021 | 0 comments

My thoughts on the NRA and Wayne’s disgraceful actions!!

Wayne, You are personally destroying the NRA by your policies. You are an enemy to our 2nd Amendment, your interest in gaining power and money is more important to you than protect our 2nd Amendment rights!!

As a 27 year veteran of the Army as enlisted and officer, I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. You are now setting yourself and the NRA as a domestic enemy of our 2nd Amendment, by looking out for your own needs rather than that of the NRA and 2nd Amendment.

I see you are stripping the committee assignments of a few of the board members that are truly looking out for rights and the membership priorities. It looks like Tim Knight, Esther Schneider, and Allen West have been stripped of committee assignments! The only thing they are in fault for is standing up for what I want, I have personally spoke to each one about the direction of the NRA and let them know the changes that are needed. Change one, no compromise to the 2nd Amendment.

You aligning the organization with President Trump is not the direction we need to go. President Trump is most anti-2A President in our history, the President directed DOJ, non legislative, Bump Stock ban and now looking to ban suppressors are the worst anti-2A actions in our history. The NRA did nothing! We have slid almost completely down the slippery slope.

Not another dime of my hard earned money will go to the NRA until change occurs.

I implore the Board of Directors to turn the organization around. I have been a member of the NRA for more than 20 years and am currently a Patron lifetime member (150092601). As of now I will no longer support the NRA with any outward support or my money. Again, I will no longer give anymore money to the NRA. The organization is becoming a disgrace in the fight for gun rights. The NRA has allow the most overreaching anti 2A regulations in our history to go into effect without a fight. This is a disgrace! The same day the DOJ released the bump stock regulation the NRA posts/tweeted about coolers!! WTF!!! You allowed a “republican” president to dictate gun policy without congressional interaction. The most egregious anti-gun regulations in my lifetime going to effect without the say of the citizenry.

We are now falling down the slippery slope, soon the next regulation is to specifically suppressors, and then ban semi-auto firearms by re-classifying them as machine guns, semi-autos will now fall into the definition of machine guns.

Wayne, You failed in the mission of your Organization! Where are the NRA legal cases concerning the bump stocks? What is NRA doing about this rule — unlegislation?

The NRA is spending millions of dollars of our members dues to line the pockets of friends and families of the organization executives. It is time for Susan LaPierre to stop running the NRA and Wayne to be replaced. I am sick and tired of the Wayne/Susan LaPierre nepotism and cronyism in an organization that should be spending it’s money on fighting anti-gun legislation first and foremost. The mentality of the “Old white fudd only caring about shotguns for hunting” has to go! All anti-gun regulations hurt the citizenry, irrelevant to your interests.

What I want changed! 1) No compromise to the 2nd Amendment, unlike allowing the bump stock ban to go into effect. 2) Wayne LaPierre replaced immediately. 3) Term limit on Executive Vice President 4) Change the bylaws to require board members to mandatory attendance to all meetings. 5) Release the attendance records of all board members. 6) Mandatory term limits on all board members 7) Board of Director candidates are all put on ballot by member petition only. 8) Election Process of board members is archaic, use technology for elections.

9) The NRA needs to us its resources to organize rallies and marches on the state & federal capitals.