The Gun Feed Poll: Should Wayne LaPierre be forced to resign / be removed from NRA?

The Gun Feed Poll: Should Wayne LaPierre be forced to resign / be removed from NRA?

Tell us why or why not in the comments section below…

Should Wayne LaPierre be forced to resign / be removed from NRA?

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Dean Seller

He should be forced out as he is all about money and nothing else Oliver North and Chris Cox should be reinstated Wayne LaPierre is thge reason the NRA is going down hill

Dean Seller

Wayne LaPierre has lost the vision and should be removed

Dean Seller

Wayne LaPierre has lost the vision and should be removed he has done nothing for the little guy he is all about himself as of right now i am considering leaving the NRA until he is gone i have had enough of the BS


Anytime I have been to an NRA sponsored or attended event they have always arrived in style, enjoyed fancy accommodations and approached the members as cash cows. Like their ability to lobby for our rights, but my at what extravagant expense.

Eric Harbord endowment member

Him and his politburo need to be removed.preferably in handcuffs.

David Harris Roberson

He’s simply allowed himself to become a toxic leader and that now overshadows everything else. If he cares for the cause and the organization more than he does for his ego, he will resign.

Christopher Daly

He is the reason the organization is going down hill. I will not give another penny until he is gone. Patron level Life Member

Roger M. Foszcz

It appears Wayne is the center of this controversy. He should do some soul searching and resign so the NRA can carry on with battling for my unalienable right to keep and bear arms and stop the infighting that the Libtards are relishing.


Wayne and others have betrayed both the mission and the membership.
Not another dime until he is gone.
Member since 1980


Edit to add. Gun Owners of America GOA is a NO compromise 2A group. They get the lion’s share of my donation, and the Second Amendment Foundation SAF does great work also.

GOD bless the republic.


He needs to be held accountable for the squandering of the memberships resources. I refuse to donate anymore until he is gone. This from a Life Member.


Short answer. Fiscal mismanagement

Heath McDonald

His behavior has allowed him to be caustic, a person of divisiveness, and therefore an ineffective leader without confidence of the membership. Time to exit for the better business like running of the organization. His personality cannot be permitted to overshadow the duty and effectiveness of the organization.

Roger L. Manchester

He side to many times with anti-gunners Giving our rights away


When, while under his leadership, the NRA made a donation to Harry Reid (D-Nevada), one of the most anti-gun senators ever, the NRA list my support. That was so they could get a range in Nevada… Never mind all the damage he had done to the 2nd Amendment protected rights of Americans. I’ve had no confidence in WLP or the NRA since that day. If LTC North tried to awaken the membership to a problem, rest assured there WAS a problem.

Michael Wilson

While I have tried to follow this mess as best can ..I still dont have a strong opinion enough to say say either way..Which Is how I answered this Poll.

However leaning towards an Change … While hes been good for yrs now recent blinks under his watch.. has gave great pause n lead to a bunch of frustration..

The blinks on Bumb Stocks n other issuies by NRA leadership is much concearn.And is causing some issiues.. If not addressed soon it will continue .


If LaPierre had been a strong and effective advocate for the ENTIRE Second Amendment, I wouldn’t care if he bought himself a gold-plated Rolls Royce. But not only has he been ineffective, he has surrendered many of our rights right out of the starting gate — including the right to be armed in a school zone (there’s NOTHING magic about a school that makes it a natural rights-free area, invoking “the children” is nothing but manipulative sentimental bullshit), and his unbelievable support of destroying the due process of gun owners through red flag laws.


Words of iron. Kudos.

Ron Lilly

Wayne has become corrupt and has been using the NRA’s funds for his own self aggrandizement. He has surrounded himself with yes-men and lap-dogs that do his bidding and attack anyone who suggests that he needs to go. There is precious little in the way of protecting gun owner’s right that the NRA has accomplished since Wayne took over. He should have been taken out LONG AGO. I’ll give my money to the GOA or the Second Amendment Foundation. That way at least there will be REAL resistance to the gun grabbers.

Rob Pincus

Check out …. we have some very specific Reform Proposals for the NRA and need YOUR HELP to get more Board Members aligned with us!


My thoughts on the NRA and Wayne’s disgraceful actions!!

Wayne, You are personally destroying the NRA by your policies. You are an enemy to our 2nd Amendment, your interest in gaining power and money is more important to you than protect our 2nd Amendment rights!!

As a 27 year veteran of the Army as enlisted and officer, I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. You are now setting yourself and the NRA as a domestic enemy of our 2nd Amendment, by looking out for your own needs rather than that of the NRA and 2nd Amendment.

I see you are stripping the committee assignments of a few of the board members that are truly looking out for rights and the membership priorities. It looks like Tim Knight, Esther Schneider, and Allen West have been stripped of committee assignments! The only thing they are in fault for is standing up for what I want, I have personally spoke to each one about the direction of the NRA and let them know the changes that are needed. Change one, no compromise to the 2nd Amendment.

You aligning the organization with President Trump is not the direction we need to go. President Trump is most anti-2A President in our history, the President directed DOJ, non legislative, Bump Stock ban and now looking to ban suppressors are the worst anti-2A actions in our history. The NRA did nothing! We have slid almost completely down the slippery slope.

Not another dime of my hard earned money will go to the NRA until change occurs.

I implore the Board of Directors to turn the organization around. I have been a member of the NRA for more than 20 years and am currently a Patron lifetime member (150092601). As of now I will no longer support the NRA with any outward support or my money. Again, I will no longer give anymore money to the NRA. The organization is becoming a disgrace in the fight for gun rights. The NRA has allow the most overreaching anti 2A regulations in our history to go into effect without a fight. This is a disgrace! The same day the DOJ released the bump stock regulation the NRA posts/tweeted about coolers!! WTF!!! You allowed a “republican” president to dictate gun policy without congressional interaction. The most egregious anti-gun regulations in my lifetime going to effect without the say of the citizenry.

We are now falling down the slippery slope, soon the next regulation is to specifically suppressors, and then ban semi-auto firearms by re-classifying them as machine guns, semi-autos will now fall into the definition of machine guns.

Wayne, You failed in the mission of your Organization! Where are the NRA legal cases concerning the bump stocks? What is NRA doing about this rule — unlegislation?

The NRA is spending millions of dollars of our members dues to line the pockets of friends and families of the organization executives. It is time for Susan LaPierre to stop running the NRA and Wayne to be replaced. I am sick and tired of the Wayne/Susan LaPierre nepotism and cronyism in an organization that should be spending it’s money on fighting anti-gun legislation first and foremost. The mentality of the “Old white fudd only caring about shotguns for hunting” has to go! All anti-gun regulations hurt the citizenry, irrelevant to your interests.

What I want changed!
1) No compromise to the 2nd Amendment, unlike allowing the bump stock ban to go into effect.
2) Wayne LaPierre replaced immediately.
3) Term limit on Executive Vice President
4) Change the bylaws to require board members to mandatory attendance to all meetings.
5) Release the attendance records of all board members.
6) Mandatory term limits on all board members
7) Board of Director candidates are all put on ballot by member petition only.
8) Election Process of board members is archaic, use technology for elections.
9) The NRA needs to us its resources to organize rallies and marches on the state & federal capitals.

Bruce Lilly

I dont know all the things he may or may not have done but I agree with some of the comments if read from other members. His support (if it is true) for red flag laws is ridiculous. Other infringements are just that..infringements on our RIGHTS not privileges. The biggest reason I think he should step down has been mentioned by others also..if the membership has lost faith/trust in him and if he really cares about the true mission of the NRA then he should step down and allow the organization to get back to where it needs to be. The NRA is the largest strongest weapon against those who would destroy our Constitution. If it collapses then we have lost our best chance to save freedom. In good conscience there is now no way he can stay. God bless yall. Let’s stay United in our goal

It’s time for new blood in the NRA leadership. Wayne needs to prove that this isn’t about the money. He’s done great work in the past but until he’s gone, I’m done with the NRA.

Bill Skinner

He has lost our trust… That is what matters right now as we try to move forward. I will also add that until he is gone and this mess cleaned up, not another dime from me…

Michael Coughlin

As a previous poster has said “His gross financial mismanagement warrants termination”. Nuff said.


Its time the NRA got back more into teaching gun safety for all and less crap about Bump stocks, Silencers, exploding targets and all the stuff that triggers the anti gun people to have a melt down. Don’t give them stuff to complain about and the anti gun people will have less of a loud mouth that only harms lawful, law abiding people and does NOTHING to prevent criminal minded people from committing criminal acts. Just about everyone with half a brain now knows that being a criminal means you DO NOT OBEY THE LAW if it goes against what your want or intend to do.
W.L. has shown that his views are not in line with many if not most gun owning Americans. He thinks by being such a pro gun on everything, he is right on everything.
I am not in favor of bump stocks, silencers for handguns and exploding targets that I can’t use in my state anyway so whats the point?


Oh yea, I forgot to say that if he REALLY cared about the NRA, he would resign now and put an end to this sad saga and let the NRA begin anew.


So, because you can’t use these accessories in your state, you don’t care if they are banned in others States like mine that allow them? Selfish isn’t it?

bill carson

I wish there was a way to like this post!


wayne: GTFO & stay out

Ed Messinger

It appears that he has made the organization his personal fiefdom and has convinced a do-nothing board that his way is the only way. Time to clean house both in management and the boardroom.

Who Cares

I have never been a fan of the business practices condoned by the NRA. “Free stuff” from China should not be used to entice membership. That money should be going towards supporting the 2nd Amendment.

That said, I held my nose every year and paid my dues in the hope they were doing the right thing.

I also find it odd that voting privileges are reserved for lifetime members; if you are a member in good standing, shouldn’t you be able to vote?

In conclusion, Wayne LaPierre might be innocent of all charges since it is a bunch of he said, she said. I personally think he is culpable in all of the mis-dealings going on. If Wayne’s heart was in the right place, he should step down to get the NRA on the right track.

Who Cares

Meant to add that I will NOT be renewing my membership until drastic changes are made and seen.


Life members and any member in good standing for 5 consecutive years can vote. you do not have to be a life member in order to vote.

Who Cares

Thanks for the clarification, Mark. I was not aware of that.


All NRA voting members need to VOTE in the board members elections next year, and be at the annual meeting of the members. Elect a board that will oust the executive leadership.

Only 6% of NRA members qualified to vote, voted in the last election then everyone complains that things don’t change in the organization. WE the members need to see that it happens, and that can be done at the members meeting if this is not resolved before then.

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