[Update 5] Comments are now open…

Apr 21, 2016 | 0 comments

Many of you have been asking and asking for this (Its still a work in progress), so here is your chance to sound off about all of the topics from around the web. Comments are open (for new posts). Just don’t be a jerk (an armed society is a polite society)… and try to keep it at or below a PG-13 rating.



Update: I’ve called in people that are smarter than me.  BTW – Thanks for all the feedback. And the kind words.


Update 2: Problem solved?


Update 3: I think it is all resolved for the go forward. Some older posts still are stuck with the pass through page, but I believe that the new posts are working fine now. There may also be some double posts for a couple of days until I figure out why that is happening. I will try to eliminate them whenever they pop up. Thanks again for your patience, Beta Testers.


Update 4: I believe the comments notification system is working now, but I don’t believe it is 100% yet. You will see a little number in parenthesizes next to the ‘comments’ link if there are comments for that particular post.


Update 5: I believe it is 100% bug free now. I am still working on page layout issues such as font size, headline count on the main page and the mobile page. Hoping to make this more usable and readable in the days to come.