UPDATE: Criminal and Victim Released After Shooting – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Feb 25, 2024 | 0 comments

It’s beyond me how they justified letting both guys go after this. There are no charges against the criminal or the employee who shot him.

Yesterday, I talked about a shooting in Chicago where a guy tried to rob a store, and an employee shot him.

As you can see from the video, the shot was questionable, and the guy needs more practice at the range.

Video of the attempted robbery that resulted in the offender being shot on Jewelers Row in #Chicago #ChicagoScanner pic.twitter.com/gjHrSmw4jY https://t.co/HsDfLv8UzB

— 16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner (@CPD1617Scanner) February 25, 2024

The thief was taken to the hospital, and they have kept the CCL holder in jail since yesterday. Today, they were both let go.

Only in Chicago, with no cash bail, do the criminal and victim get dragged to jail, and BOTH get released with no charges.

A spokeswoman told CWB Chicago, “Two individuals related to this incident have been released without charging at this time.”

I can’t imagine how they justified this outcome unless prosecutors figured getting two rounds in the *ss was punishment enough.

They tried that “mutual combat” excuse once, but this……………..

It is truly the Wild West.

Source: UPDATE: Criminal and Victim Released After Shooting


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