When Sports Become Interwind With Gun Control – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Feb 15, 2024 | 0 comments

Sports leagues sent a letter to Congress last month supporting a gun control act. On top of that, Taylor Swift is trending just because she’s going to the Super Bowl, and they were even tracking her flight on social media sites.

I missed the letter when it came out last month, but GOA shared it on X, and the NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, MLS, NBA, and NASCAR jumped on the anti-gun bandwagon in it.

Hey @nfl , @nhl , @mlb , @ncaa , @mls , @nba , and @nascar why did you send a letter to Congress in SUPPORT of gun control?😡 https://t.co/vvak8GHLMX pic.twitter.com/HrmoSWq2lb

— Gun Owners of America (@GunOwners) February 11, 2024

They have already made the Super Bowl as much about Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce, who plays for the Chiefs, as they have the game, and you have to wonder how much of a publicity stunt it is.

When I did a post on social media , Vincent pointed out, “They support something that a good percentage of their players don’t follow, anyway. How many times have we seen professional athletes get caught with firearms they’re not supposed to have? Or in places they’re not supposed to have them in? Keep harming the masses based on the 1%. Sounds legit to me.”

You would have thought these organizations would have learned after stunts like the Bud Lite promotion that featured a transgender influencer named Dylan Mulvaney, who promoted the beer on his/her Instagram, and NASCAR ticking off their fan base in recent years, but I guess not.

When sports or Hollywood come out in support or opposition of something, are you more or less likely to spend your money on what they offer?

It’s a shame that things like sports and entertainment, which used to be an escape from politics, are now intertwined with it.

Source: When Sports Become Interwind With Gun Control


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