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CHEYENNE, WY – In a pivotal move for gun rights in Wyoming, the state’s legislature has passed a significant bill that could see the end of gun-free zones within the state. The legislation, House Bill 125 (see below), has now been placed on Governor Mark Gordon’s desk, leaving the state and its citizens in suspense over its fate. Will it be signed into law, vetoed, or simply allowed to pass without the Governor’s signature?

Dubbed the “Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act,” the bill seeks to allow individuals who legally own a gun in Wyoming to carry them in previously restricted areas, including public schools, colleges, universities, and government meetings, with certain exceptions in place for security. A notable provision in the bill creates a misdemeanor offense for anyone who knowingly prohibits entry to a lawfully carrying individual into places authorized under the Act, highlighting the legislature’s intent to firmly establish carry rights across various settings.


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The bill’s journey to the Governor’s desk was marked by passionate debate among Wyoming residents, legislators, and advocacy groups. Supporters argue that repealing gun-free zones upholds Second Amendment rights and empowers individuals to protect themselves and their families. Critics, however, express concerns over the potential risks of allowing firearms in sensitive areas such as schools and public buildings, fearing it could lead to increased incidents of gun violence.

Governor Gordon’s decision on the bill is highly anticipated, with speculation about his stance on the issue. According to Cowboy State Daily, his office has remained noncommittal, stating that “the governor will consider that bill carefully, as he does all legislation once it reaches his desk,” the implications of his decision are far-reaching. A veto from Governor Gordon could set the stage for further legislative battles over gun rights in Wyoming, whereas approval or passive enactment would mark a significant shift in the state’s approach to gun regulation.

It’s worth noting that Wyoming’s initiative reflects a broader national conversation on gun rights and the role of gun-free zones in public safety. As the debate continues, the outcome of House Bill 125 could serve as a bellwether for similar efforts across the United States.

As the state awaits Governor Gordon’s decision, the implications of the “Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act” are clear. Whether through enactment or veto, the bill’s journey underscores the deep divisions and strong convictions on both sides of the gun rights debate. What is certain, however, is that the conversation around gun-free zones and the Second Amendment is far from over in Wyoming and beyond.

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