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100% agree. It was women who became insecure about the mere sight of guns who made themselves useful idiots for the opportunistic marxists long mixed in among our people whose never ending goal is to gut America from within. When we stopped demanding Strong Moral Critical Thinkers run our nation, we gave our enemies the gap in our defenses they thirsted for.

Now that Canada has voted in tyranny, there are fewer liberty loving, democratic Western nations left and ours is still the only Constitutional Republic, and it’s checks and balances have been eroding for decades because of wide spread group think, diminishment of Christian foundational ethics, and more.

I pray that Noir’s words touch the essential American Spirit in our women most of all so it catches fire and spreads so fiercely none of the current woke nonsense can stand up to it. We have our country to save, there’s no time to waste.

Joe R.

Only way to save the 2nd, is not to base arguments for its preservation on it (on itself). I like to cite The Declaration of Independence, especially Paragraph 2, wherein it recites that you should replace your government “whenever” you deem necessary. One of those times it recites that it is your “duty” to.

There is no way our Founders / Framers wrote that, yet still intended for a bona fide U.S. Citizen to have to ask for the means, or the permission to obtain the means, to do so from their government (that needed replacing). Absolutely no way those two things ‘match up’. Further, there is no way they wrote that, and yet can have others counter-claim that they should have to say it again, or anywhere say it more distinctly, in order that people get the full gist of what “they intended” or “what their state of mind was” when they wrote that or anything else.

Therefore, the 2nd Amendment demands [at a minimum] “Parity” of arms with our government. And it is not our fault what that parity might entail.

It must not be allowed to be forgotten, too, that all “Rights” are “unalienable” and from “Our Creator”, per The Declaration of Independence. The Constitution itself only uses the word “right” one time, and that was in Article 8 with respect to “Patents”. Further, ALL “rights” are essentially freedoms FROM government, therefore, and thereby, “government” cannot also be the source, the purveyor, OR THE PROTECTOR, of such rights, and there is no logical argument that can be made to the contrary.

Further, our “government” (like every gov’t that has ever existed, ever) is merely made up of our idyet ay-whole neighbors who needed a job. Want to quit having to ‘argue’ for the 2nd Amendment?, never let your idyet ay-whole neighbors forget that they are, and that they asked for the job, that the job was one of service to you and other citizens, that they cannot be or become one of our Founding Fathers, and that they (as our representatives in gov’t) DO NOT GOVERN US [as a people not self-governed are un-governable otherwise], that they merely govern the machinations of government [WHICH ALSO DOES NOT GOVERN US].

Joe R.

I like your story. Please continue. . .

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